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In's and Out's of PERT

I had a great question about PERT, I  sometimes forget that not everyone knows about PERT and what it means to be college-ready. If you would like an introduction to PERT, or maybe  just a refresher, read on.
Question: What is PERT? Who is it for? Why should kids take it? What does it mean to be  college-ready? What are the scores to pass the tests?
PERT is the test all students have to take before registering for college  classes, colleges use it to determine a student's ability to do well in  college classes. If they don't pass, they have to take (and pay for)   remedial classes that don't give them any college credit before they can take classes that will earn them credit.
PERT is  reserved for Seniors and Juniors. Once those groups have had the  opportunity to test, sophomores are allowed to test in order to get the  scores they need to take dual enrollment classes. PERT testing at the  high school is funded through a grant, if the grant were not in place,  every student would have to pay $10 per subject test.
If  students pass PERT, they save about $1,500-$2,000 on the cost of  remedial classes they must take at the college level if  they don't pass  PERT.
The idea is that any student who doesn't pass PERT at the high school level can take those remedial classes here, and  hopefully pass the PERT at the college level once leaving high school.
A big plus to taking the PERT (and passing it) at high school is that  students don't have to take college ready math or reading and they are  eligible for dual enrollment classes, which saves about $350 per class off the cost of college tuition.
If you have students you know are able to to do well on the test, and they don't even attempt PERT their junior year, they will have to take  college ready math or reading, which honestly may be a waste of their  time. They need to try to take PERT not only to be college ready, but to free up their schedules for senior year.
Per the  grant, students have 3 attempts to take PERT math and reading and 2  attempts to take PERT writing during their time at the high school. If  they have to go past those attempts, they have to pay $10 per subject  test at IRSC.

The passing scores for PERT are MATH: 114 (123 to skip to intermediate college algebra), READING: 106,  WRITING: 103

College ready simply means students are able to go right into college classes  without needing remedial help. Remedial courses are available at  colleges, however students have to pay money for these courses and they  don't count towards a degree. It is a huge waste of money, so we  encourage students to try to pass PERT for free at the high school.