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Homecoming Info 2018


Student Council has chosen a theme for Homecoming: Battle of the Decades!

Each class has chosen a decade to represent:

Seniors 50's

Juniors 70's

Sophomores 80's

Freshmen 90's 




Lunch Time Game

Monday, October 15



Tuesday, October 16

Dynamic Duos

Minute to Win It/ Money Wars

Wednesday, October 17

Decade Day

Decade Trivia Game/ Money Wars

Thursday, October 18

Class Colors

Cupcake Wars/ Money Wars

Friday. October 19

Pink Out Day

Decade Dance Off/Money Wars


Dress Days

Dynamic Duos (Find a partner. Go all out. Ex: Mac N Cheese, Batman and Robin, PB and J, Phineas &  Ferb)

Decade: Dress in clothing from class chosen decade

Class Colors: F(White) So (Yellow/Gold) J (Purple) Se (Camo)

Pink Out Day



Lunch-Time Game Participation Rules


-Students pay a quarter to play

-Participation earns one competition point

-”Winners” earn one additional point

Minute to Win It: Simple challenges you try to complete in under 1 minute

Decade Trivia: What pop culture trivia do you know about your class decade? Think movies, music, TV, and major world events, etc of your decade.

Cupcake Wars: Buy cupcake, win for your class

Decade Dance Off: We’ll give you music from the decades chosen, you show us your best moves.


Money Wars (Brahmans GIve Back)


-All proceeds will benefit NHS Backpack Program

-Jugs will be set up in the cafeteria to raise money for each class contribution to charity.

-Coins in a jug count AGAINST point values (1 cent = 1 point)

-Bill amounts count TOWARD point values (1 cent= -1 point)

*For example, if I am a sophomore, I would want to put $20 in bills in MY jug, but a $20 in change in the Junior jug to take points away from them.

-Class with the greatest total points at the end wins (bill points (in cents) - change points (in cents))

-All money collected will be donated to the NHS Background Program.


Homecoming Court:


  • Homecoming Court Elections will be held Thursday October 4 in the cafeteria during both lunches, with Friday October 5 held as a run-off election day if needed.
  • Class sponsors are responsible for collecting nominations, verifying eligibility of nominees and checking that nominees wish to be on the ballot. Suggest nominations on Monday and Tues (Oct 1-2), verify Wed (Oct 3) for elections.  
  • Class sponsors will generate a ballot for voting in alphabetical order by last name.
  • Class sponsors must man the election day, verifying all voters are in class cohort from a list printed by Leighia Murphy.  Student names must be highlighted off as they SHOW ID to vote for voter verification and ballot security.  STUDENTS MAY NOT ASSIST IN VOTING.
  • Winners must complete the Court forms for the parade and game (see prior email) and attend practice on Wed Oct 17
  • Student Council will hold final King and Queen voting during lunches on October 16 and 17.  The entire student body may vote for the Senior of their choice for each position.

Homecoming Court

Queen Candidates

King Candidates