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Parent Newsletter

2018-19: 2nd 9-weeks (Week 1)                                                                                                              10/14/18

Quote for the Week:


 Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive.     Matt Cameron

Mr. Tedders’ Notes:


 No School for Students on Monday October 15th!


Homecoming Week Flyer (credit to junior Lionor Pena)

More info related to Homecoming at the end of this Newsletter.


PSAT scores from the October 10th exam:

will be available December 11th via the students’ College Board account.

The goal will be to immediately link those scores to Khan Academy for individualized practice.


The 1st 9 Weeks is complete.  How did your OHS or OFC student(s) do?

1st 9 Weeks grades (40%) + 2nd 9 Weeks grades (40%) + Semester Exam (20%) = Final Semester 1 grade

(Percentages of the Final semester grade)

**Cumulative Grade Point Averages are calculated at the end of each Semester

Cumulative GPA’s under 2.0 (C average) are not eligible for OHS activities, FHSAA athletics, and

will not participate in graduation ceremonies.


Jostens Graduation Order Flyer:

Cap and Gown, Announcements, Class Rings, etc.



Notes from the October 8th OHS SAC Committee Meeting

Next meeting is November 12th @ 5:30 in the OHS Media Center


Articles of the Week: 

 The @DavidGeurin Blog: Do You Want Your Child to Grow or Do You Want Him to Be Comfortable? 

The Silent Tragedy Affecting Today’s Children


Announcements from the Previous Week:  (click on the day for the video)

Monday:         Tuesday:                    Wednesday:  PSAT day                   Thursday:                  Friday:



Other Dates:

October 15 - Final day for seniors to pick their yearbook pose on

October 19 - Last day for seniors to submit their baby picture

November 2 - Panoramic Picture Day


Student and Staff Recognitions


OHS Drama Troupe 7319:

The following students participated in the performances of The Diary of Anne Frank on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  They were phenomenal!  Thank you to all who supported this powerful production!


Kameron Allen

Kaitlyn Barnes

Kennedee Brewer

Briana Brown

Carla Carran

Ingrid Coreas

Elizabeth Cottage-9th 

Autumn Cross

Sarah Dodd-9th

Brandon Entry-OCA

Gracie Gamiotea

Arianna Lorusso

Crystal Marshall

Jenna McClanahan

Hannah Moore

Kyleigh Pinon

Maya Pippin

Jeffrey Pummel

Vintasia Rembert

Cheyenne Sheffield

Nicole Stephenson

Cristian Suarez

Abigail Thornton



OHS Band @ Crown Jewel: (per Mr. LaFlam)

We scored Excellent and Superiors ratings in both Prelims and Finals. Our visual score was 2nd overall and our General Effect score was 3rd overall. Lots of growth from the program this week. We have 2 weeks until we have our next competition at Cypress Bay. State is in 5 weeks. 

Thank you to all who were there to support our Brahmans!



Shout-out to the Class Sponsors going into Homecoming Week:

Thank you for the countless hours you put in with our students getting them ready for the week; class chants, float building, dress up days, etc.  Not enough thanks for the work you do outside of the regular school day.

Freshman Class of 2022: Jaime Burnham

Sophomore Class of 2021: Carrie Thompson and Sheri Trent

Junior Class of 2020: Raylan Gilliland and Lauren Whitaker

Senior Class of 2019: Brittany Carrier and Erica Swant



Hotlinks to information

School Grade:  

AP Success:

AP Capstone Program:



Links to OHS


Calendar for the next 2 Weeks:


@ School

Home / On Campus Activities

Away / Off Campus Activities



Homecoming Week

Teacher Work Day

Check PD Calendar for offerings





Homecoming Week: Dynamic Duos

Grades Due in Skyward by 9:00am

10:00am Jostens Sr. Grad. Presentation

2:20pm Dept. Head. /SLT (media)

6:30pm VB District Round 1

#3 Okeechobee


#6 Eau Gallie

10:00am Boys Golf Districts @SandRidge Golf Course


5:30pm Swimming @ Sebring



Homecoming Week: Decade Day

6:00pm FB JV vs. Sebastian River

10:00am Girls Golf Districts @SandRidge Golf Course

VB District Round 2 @ Jensen

5:30pm (4/5 winner) vs. SF

7:00pm (2/7) vs (3/6) winners



Homecoming Week: Class Colors

6:00pm Parade

7:00pm PEP Rally

8:00pm BonFire


3:30pm Bowling @ Treasure Coast

7:00pm VB District Championship @ Jensen



Homecoming Week: Pink-out

Last Day to submit Sr. Baby Pictures

6:15pm Pre-Game Homecoming

7:00pm FB vs. Eau Gallie





Homecoming Dance (café)


CC Districts @ Pine School Invitational


@ School

Home / On Campus Activities

Away / Off Campus Activities



Jostens Grad Announcement Sale (café)





Jostens Grad Announcement Sale (café)


3:00pm Swim Districts @ Sailfish Park



Jostens Grad Announcement Sale (café)





HOSA Blood Drive






7:00pm FB @ Jensen Beach






Band Competition @ Cypress Bay

CC Districts @ South Fork


Important Dates:

School Calendar 2018 – 2019


October 15                 Teacher Plan Day (No Students)

October 16-19            Homecoming Week

October 18                 Parade / PEP Rally/ Bonfire

October 19                 Homecoming FB Game

October 20                 Homecoming Dance

October 23                 Report Cards


November 14             Progress Reports

November 16             Early Release Day for Students

November 19-23       Holiday—Thanksgiving Week




Decmber 19-21        Semester 1 Exams

December 21              Early Release Day for Students

December 22              End of  First Semester  (87 days)

December 25              Holiday - Christmas

Dec 22 - Jan 4            Winter Break


January 1             Holiday—New Years Day

January 7            Teacher Plan Day (No Students)

January 8            Students’ First Day Back After Holidays

January 15           Report Cards

January 21           Holiday—Martin Luther King  Day


February 6           Progress Reports

February 8           Early Release Day for Students

February 18         Presidents’ Day—No Teachers/

                                         No Students


March 8                End 3rd Nine Weeks (42 Days)

March 11-15         Spring Break—(No Teachers/ No Students)

March 18              Teacher Planning Day (No Students)

March 26              Report Cards

March 29              Grad Day Trip


April 17                 Progress Reports

April 18                Early Release Day for Students

April 19                Good Friday (No Teachers/No Students)


May 4                     PROM  (TBA)

May  9                    Awards Night (Gym)

May 16                   Scholarship Night (Lecture Hall)

May 23                   Sr. Class Day

May 27                   Holiday—Memorial Day

May 28-30             Semester 2 Exams

May  30                 Graduation Practice (Gym)

May  30                 Baccalaureate (Gym)

May 30                  End 4th Nine Weeks (51 Days)

May 30                  Early Release Day/Students’  Last Day

May 31                  Graduation (AG Center)

May 31                  All Night Grad Party (Chobee Skate/Bowl)

May 31                  All Teachers—Last Day


Homecoming Info 2018


Student Council has chosen a theme for Homecoming: Battle of the Decades!

Each class has chosen a decade to represent:

Seniors 50's

Juniors 70's

Sophomores 80's

Freshmen 90's 




Lunch Time Game

Monday, October 15



Tuesday, October 16

Dynamic Duos

Minute to Win It/ Money Wars

Wednesday, October 17

Decade Day

Decade Trivia Game/ Money Wars

Thursday, October 18

Class Colors

Cupcake Wars/ Money Wars

Friday. October 19

Pink Out Day

Decade Dance Off/Money Wars


Dress Days

Dynamic Duos (Find a partner. Go all out. Ex: Mac N Cheese, Batman and Robin, PB and J, Phineas &  Ferb)

Decade: Dress in clothing from class chosen decade

Class Colors: F(White) So (Yellow/Gold) J (Purple) Se (Camo)

Pink Out Day


Lunch-Time Game Participation Rules


-Students pay a quarter to play

-Participation earns one competition point

-”Winners” earn one additional point

Minute to Win It: Simple challenges you try to complete in under 1 minute

Decade Trivia: What pop culture trivia do you know about your class decade? Think movies, music, TV, and major world events, etc of your decade.

Cupcake Wars: Buy cupcake, win for your class

Decade Dance Off: We’ll give you music from the decades chosen, you show us your best moves.





Money Wars (Brahmans GIve Back)


-All proceeds will benefit NHS Backpack Program

-Jugs will be set up in the cafeteria to raise money for each class contribution to charity.

-Coins in a jug count AGAINST point values (1 cent = 1 point)

-Bill amounts count TOWARD point values (1 cent= -1 point)

*For example, if I am a sophomore, I would want to put $20 in bills in MY jug, but a $20 in change in the Junior jug to take points away from them.

-Class with the greatest total points at the end wins (bill points (in cents) - change points (in cents))

-All money collected will be donated to the NHS Background Program.


Homecoming Court:


  • Winners must complete the Court forms for the parade and game (see prior email) and attend practice on Wed Oct 17
  • Student Council will hold final King and Queen voting during lunches on October 16 and 17.  The entire student body may vote for the Senior of their choice for each position.


PEP Rally / Bonfire Reminders: Thursday Oct. 18th

PEP Rally / Bonfire Thursday Night: an outstanding tradition for Okeechobee High School students!

Gates will open after Parade: 6:20-6:30pm

$5 entry (fee is used for preparing and clean-up of the Bonfire site)

The public will sit on the Visitors side.

OHS and OFC students will sit with their classes on the Home side for the PEP Rally. 

Students need their school issued ID's for entry.  No ID = visitors side
Seniors meet in the Lecture Hall.  9th, 10th, and 11th grade students meet in the stadium.

Gates will be locked and the PEP Rally will start @ 7:00pm.  Don't be late!
Judged Class Chants, Jello eating contest, cheering, etc. all included!

At the end of the PEP Rally, the Woodhauling Champions and Senior Class Reps will be called down to head to the wood pile.

The Senior Class will meet on the track to sing the Alma Mater and then be released to the entry road for the lighting of the Bonfire.  Only the Class of 2019 will be allowed on the road.

The juniors, sophomores, and freshmen will then come to the area south of the end zone.

The public will remain in the Visitor bleachers.  

Parents should plan on picking up their student by 9:00pm.  Enter in the North Gate, circling around campus, picking up your student, then exiting the South Gate.  

As always, students left on campus 30 minutes after an event could be denied access to future after-school activities.

It will be a great night and one to remember forever for ALL!
#GoBrahmans #TheBrahmanWay