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Back Pack Program at OHS

The Back Pack Program at OHS has made the top 200 causes in the nation for the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Program.  Currently, we have a chance at winning a 25K grant for the Back Pack Program, which desperately needs funding in order to continue.  

The Back Pack Program, currently serves 150 elementary students in our community, providing them with meals on weekends during the school year.  In order to run the Back Pack Program, it takes about 21K for a year to service that many students consistently.  We need your help!!!
Please vote for our program by using the link provided in this email.  
Voting starts on Wednesday, August 15th at 12:01 am and goes for 10 days until August 24th, at 11:59 pm.  We need you to vote every day, 10 times per day.  Each individual that is 18 years or older can vote 10 times per day for our cause.  
The first time you vote, you will need to provide your name, date of birth, indicate if you are a US resident, provide a unique email and create a password.  The site will give you the option to use all 10 votes at one time and you say "Yes"!!!
When you go back in the next day to vote, you will only need to provide the same email and your password.  You may only use one email for the voting process, if you try to vote using another email, it will disqualify your vote.  
The link for voting is:  Back Pack Program at OHS
Please help us continue this program for our community!!!