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Sophomores Must Know

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Activities – Athletics Events, Dances, Field Trips, Dodge Ball/Corn Hole Tournaments, Homecoming Week, Bonfire, etc
Attendance – taken each period, not coming to school impacts: grades, eligibility (sports), privileges (driving, Prom, etc)
Code of Conduct – know the consequence any infractions
Cell Phone Policy – OFF and AWAY during class time, unless permission given by the teacher. Using phones without permission, during class period, will result in confiscation. Confiscated phones will be in Dean’s office for pick-up after school.
Chromebooks (1:1): OHS will be going 1:1 in the coming year. Students will have the opportunity to checkout a Chromebook to bring home each night. More info to come...
College Ready – must achieve college ready level scores on the PERT, ACT, and/or SAT. The earlier you do this the better.
Credits to be a Junior – 11, will need 24 specific credits to graduate. Know your graduation requirements!
Dress Code – No underwear visible: shorts, skirts – finger-tip/mid-thigh. Shirts must cover body parts. Violators will correct the issue or spend the rest of the day in ISS. See Student Handbook for a complete list.
Dual Enrollment – IRSC classes and credit here at OHS, can start in 9th grade. Must have at least a 3.0 GPA
GPA – most activities, including dances, and all athletics require a 2.0. You need a 2.0 to graduate!
Guidance Counselor (sophomore) – Mrs. Wagner
ID’s – must have them to leave class. If not, you will need an escort from the office.
In-School Suspension – for minor offenses, examples: minor disruption, failure to comply, dress code, etc.
Lunch – 1st or 2nd depending on 5th hour class, please use the garbage cans! Stay inside the purple lines.
Out-of-School Suspension - for major or repeated infractions, examples: harassment, fighting, major disruptions, refusing repeated requests, or code of conduct defined incidents.
Parking – Sophomores can apply to park at end of the first week. Need 2.0 GPA to park ($40 per year), under 2.0 GPA can apply for special parking ($50 per semester). 3.5 GPA cumulative and college ready students park for free.
PRIDE – Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dependability, Ethics
Rewards – Teacher Recognition Awards, Free Parking (College Ready & 3.5), 3rd Hour Rewards, Brahman Flags
Student Handbook – read it, details on all aspects of school year. (OHS Website)
Skipping Class – Skyward allows teachers to easily track students who skip class.
Skyward Access – You can access grades on cell phones, computers, etc. We need your contact information and email address. More information in the Media Center tonight
Tardy Policy – Each 9 week period starts at 0 tardies.
5th – 9th - Phone call home
10th – 14th = Detention issued, failure to comply with detention = ISS
15th = Detention issued & placed on a special tardy plan, failure to comply with detention = ISS
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